Guest Post by Alicia Wells

The other day I found myself peering into a single-serving can of Healthy Choice tomato basil soup.  To my delight, I discovered its inside was a lovely bright orange — I knew I could not destine it to the garbage.

From Soup to Nuts: A plain Healthy Choice gets a glam makeover in just thirty minutes.

After some thought, I decided it would make the perfect can to hold my nightstand knick-knacks . It just needed a little makeover.  So, I rummaged around and found some  fabric, glue, a ribbon and my can-do attitude (groan) and was off to the races.

First, I folded over one edge of the fabric to make a “hem” and ironed it down.  Then, I put a dab of Amazing Goop Craft Glue just beneath the rim of the can and stuck one corner of the “hemmed” edge of the fabric on top.  Moving an inch at a time, I alternated between putting the glue on the can and pressing the fabric down until the can was covered.

Gluing the bottom in a pinwheel fashion will hold the fabric down.

To finish, I folded in the vertical edge of the fabric to make another “hem” and glued it over the beginning of the fabric. With the excess fabric now hanging like a skirt around the can, and I snipped off the bottom so that there was about an inch and a half worth of fabric hanging below the bottom of the can.  I then glued the excess fabric in a pinwheel pattern to the bottom of the can, making sure to pull it tightly.

The finished soup can.

For the finishing touch, I tied a bow around the rim of the can and glued it in place.

I keep my pretty little can on my night stand for my hand lotion, lip balm and glasses.  It also goes nicely with the magazine page coaster I made from How About Orange’s tutorial.

The entire project took just thirty minutes to complete.  I’m also now on the hunt for other cans that shouldn’t go to waste. Let me know if you have any favorites!

When she is not writing about crafting for Yay! DIY, you can find Alicia writing on her own blog, PRiscope.  She has previously written about quilling for the site.

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