An old sweater gets new life! (Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest.)

Now that warmer weather is here – it’s finally time to think about spicing up the wardrobe for spring! Hooray!  Except, how to do that on a strict budget, particularly in the accessories department?  Erin one time floated the idea of a spring scarf to me, and I always liked the image but I hate spending money on scarves now that I know how to knit.

Then, I saw this great tutorial on Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest about how to take an old sweater apart for it’s yarn.  Anyone’s winter closet is full of sweaters that you no longer want to wear – but can’t throw away. How perfect is this for giving it a second life?  It’s a little bit tricky but well worth it.

Best of all, you don’t have to figure out how/where to stash all those sweaters over the summer. Or fall into a trance wondering if the Space Bag advertised on TV constantly really works. Or is that just me?

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